Hospitality during your event…

Hospitality: what does that exactly entail? According to the dictionary: ‘The total of activities that are related to the professional reception of guests’. And a professional reception with a welcoming feeling for the invitees is a very important part to turn your event into a success. We like to contribute to this!

This is reflected in everything but especially in the people who serve the guests during the event. Whether this is at the reception, the cloakroom, lunch or with the technology, everyone we use is committed and has an open attitude.

In practice this means that we can arrange the required personnel and hostesses for your event. We organise the hostesses for the reception or serving personnel during the lunch or drinks, whatever is required….

When a certain theme is applicable we can organise matching theme clothing if desired.

We like to contribute to the hospitality of your event by using the best hostesses!

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