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Hybrid cooperation

You are faced with a nice challenge to organise an event! But where to start, will you organise everything yourself, what needs to be done?

All kinds of questions that we can support you with! Based on your question and wishes, we go to work and create a hybrid cooperation. What exactly does that entail? Well it’s a mixture between organising things yourself and outsourcing. Anything you want to outsource, we will arrange for you!

So, this can mean that we organise certain parts of the event or that we are responsible for the entire event organisation. The possibilities are endless.

When we have created the foundation for our cooperation, we get to work to achieve a successful event. Our solutions come in handy for this…

The solutions that we mention here are just some examples of our possibilities. Other ideas or a special program component? No problem at all, we like to provide you with input to achieve this!


Do you immediately require support with your event? Our event managers have the expertise and knowledge and strive for the best possible result….

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Ambient lighting, great sound and razor-sharp images are the foundation of our technical partner: AV Brothers! Here you can check out the possibilities….

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We like to contribute to the hospitality of your event by deploying the best hostesses! Whether it concerns hostesses at the reception, during the lunch or dressed in theme clothing, everything is possible…

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In addition to the information that the guests get to process during a conference for example, it is also important to think about the inner person…

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